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Six of the strangest places women have given birth.

Birth can happen anywhere, anytime. You’ve been warned!

Happily (for me, anyway) both of my birth experiences have been in the comfort of hospital.

But, not everyone manages to get to hospital, either by choice or by chance. And that means that birth can happen in the weirdest places.

On an aeroplane.

A woman gave birth on an international flight bound for Tokyo in May.

Air Canada officials say doctors on-board and flight crew helped a woman, thought to be Canadian, give birth mid-flight while the plane was over the Pacific.

Despite being 37 weeks pregnant, the woman had no idea she was with child.

Surely, that's a first for the pilot.

In an art gallery as a piece of performance art.

US Mother, Marni Kotak gave birth in a New York City Gallery as a piece of performance art in 2011. Time reported that she “transformed the gallery into a home-birth center, painting the walls a calming blue color, decorating the walls with photos of babies, and even put up a 10-foot trophy to honor her baby’s birth.”

In the rainforest.

One Australian mother inspired an entire US reality TV Show, Born in the Wild, with her birth. She gave birth in the Daintree Rainforest completely unassisted. (Not something we recommend here at iVillage Australia.)

You can watch the whole thing here, but it’s probably NSFW. Post continues after video.

At Disneyland.

Luckily in 1984, Margarita Grandos skipped Space Mountain. She gave birth on the ground while her husband was on Disneyland's famous roller-coaster, according to US site, Babble.

That gives new meaning to "the happiest place on earth." image via istock

At the hospital door and completely caught on camera.

This video went viral in 2014. Father, Troy Dickerson captures the race to the hospital and his wife’s dramatic birth at the door of the hospital on his GoPro camera.

Post continues after the video.

On the side of the road.

Remember this story? Corinne, a Bendigo woman, didn’t quite make it to hospital before she gave birth. Happily, her birth photographer, Breanna Gravener, was driving the same road to the hospital and managed to capture the incredible moment Matilda was born.

Did you give birth somewhere strange?

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