MM Confessions: "How we lost our virginity."

The joys of losing your virginity, hey.

When we took a peek around our office, and had a chat about the highs and lows of actually getting the deed done for the first time ever, we came to a fairly unsurprising realisation: It’s rarely good.

But it’s not just the confessions about how it was that are the interesting parts, but the who and the where.

Awkwardly perched in your childhood bedroom, trying desperately to make sure that every other person in your family isn’t listening with great intent to the bed creaking back and forth with mis-matched rhythm? Or even better, grab to the closest friend to you to make sure they help you get it down and rid yourself of that flower forever?

Whether that was you or not, these confessions will probably envelope you in a time-warp sensation that makes you wish you didn’t think back to that fateful day/night…

You’re welcome.