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Can we please - PLEASE - stop using this gross term?

Pert derriere. PERT. DERRIERE. It’s up there with ‘moist‘ and  ‘panties‘ and ‘smear’ and all the other disgusting things that make us want to go have a really, really long shower. Like right now.

No woman, in all of history, has ever looked at herself in the mirror and thought “Wow my derriere looks pert today!”

And yet, it’s all over our freakin’ media.

Why is it even a thing? How did they even decide that was a thing? Why are publications EVEN TALKING ABOUT WOMEN’S BUMS?

Did they have meeting and decide that ‘pert derriere’ was the most polite term to use? Did they think that by saying that the ladies derriere’s were pert, we wouldn’t realise that they spend entire days of their lives writing about women’s butts?

Why do they think we care about who’s flaunting their ‘pert derriere’, or who’s showing off their ‘pert derriere’ or even who is gushing over their ‘pert derriere’?

That is what the creepy guy at the bus stop yells out at you, when you’re covering your butt with your handbag and running in the opposite direction.

It is what aerobics instructors screamed at you in the 80s to make you sweat more.

The term ‘pert derriere’ was definitely said during the filming of this, well, whatever this is:

And it should NEVER have been said again.

Please, please, PLEASE for the love of women’s butts everywhere, stop saying ‘pert derriere’.

Thank you.