Police raid the home of marijuana user. Find epic 'to do' list.

As expected, a trip to buy snacks is included.

Police from Murdoch, Western Australia have tweeted a photo of a Saturday To Do List. Channel 7 reports they seized the list while raiding the home of a habitual marijuana user.

Just wow: Meet Nonna Marijuana: The 91-year-old granny/pot chef.

Just quietly, we are a little bit impressed.

Unsurprisingly the last task on the list is to “Chop up and get stoned,” but at least the individual had the foresight to plan getting up and getting ready BEFORE partaking in their questionable weekend activities.

Some thing tells us they know the chances of productivity AFTER completing task 10 are slim-to-none.

Some people just like being organised: The latest Instagram trend involves organising your food. And it’s mesmerising.

Some of Murdoch Police’s followers questioned the validity of the list, but the department have since confirmed its authenticity.

This person is buying lunch, catching public transport and DYING THEIR HAIR. Imagine how productive this person would be WITHOUT the pot-smoking.