A little boy left this heartbreaking note on a woman's door after stealing from her.

An American woman is trying to track down a boy who stole a set of wind chimes from her house — but not because she wants to chastise him.

Identifying himself only as “Jake”, the boy from Lakewood, Washington, left behind a handwritten note explaining himself.

It was pinned to a $5 note.

So this was on my door this morning.It said "I am sorry that we stole your Windchimes our mom died and like…

Posted by Chrissy Marie on Friday, 3 March 2017

“I am sorry that we stole your wind chimes our mum died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window,” the message read.

“I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad at us, Jake.”

Sharing a photo of the note on her Facebook page, Chrissy Marie said she wasn’t angry.

In fact, she’d like to give Jake his money back plus a little something extra.

“I had three of those wind chimes you can come back get your money,” she wrote, “and have one also so both of you have your own.”

“I am not mad please come over to my house.”

Marie told 10 News Seattle she understood better than most what Jake and his sister were going through, having lost her own mother at five years old.

So far, she hasn’t managed to find him, unfortunately.

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