Bugaboo Bandits are stealing prams and selling them online.

Lock up your prams.

A raft of Bugaboo Bandits are brazenly stealing prams from baby stores and then selling them online.

Yep. It’s a Bugaboo black market.

Earlier this month a trio of thieves – some of who may-or-may-not even HAVE babies – strolled into a NSW baby warehouse and wheeled those boos out the door like it was no big thang.

Via Babywarehouse Campbelltown

But in what’s believed to be a spate of thefts, parents have reported prams being stolen from inner-city homes and garages as well as parks and cafes.

The strollers then appear online – on Gumtree and Ebay – for sale.

Good price! Hardly used!

Remember when pushers were just rickety, cheap contraptions that were made to get a child from A to B?

No more.  Now they’re chevron patterned, lambswool lined carriages of luxury.

The average Aussie spends $425 on their pram. But the Bugaboo – widely considered the poshest pusher – sometimes goes for more than $2000.

We went undercover to investigate pram-gate and found a shop where thousands of dollars of prams were just sitting there waiting to have screaming babies put mash biscuit crumbs into.

Strolling through the strollers

We tested the security:

Shifty eyes

But GET THIS. Stores are now chaining the prams together to prevent would-be bugaboo bandits from striking.

“I’m in chains” – Tina Arena and Bugaboo

For parents at home, it might be an idea to get thyself a big arse buggy lock or alarm and beat the thieves.

Famous people with the poshest pusher around: