A grieving mum was scrolling Facebook when she saw a photo of her stillborn son on a stranger's page.

A heartbroken mother has found photos of her stillborn son on a stranger’s crowdfunding page. China Langdon, 21, from Torquay in England told The Mirror she discovered the page while browsing through social media.

“I was browsing on Facebook and saw someone had shared this page, asking for money because someone had had a miscarriage,” she said.

“I clicked it and that’s when I noticed it was a picture of me and my son. I was totally shocked.”

A screenshot of the page before it was pulled.(Source: Facebook.)

Langdon believes the GoFundMe drive had been set up by somebody pretending to have lost a child. The page titled "Help Lay An Angel To Rest" featured a photo of Langdon cradling her son, with a target set at raising $1,230 (£1000).

The money was said to be going towards paying for a funeral.

Langdon had posted an image of her holding her stillborn son, Lucas Graeme Cresswell, on Facebook following a miscarriage in May. The young mother said she believed that's where the stranger had found the photo.

"They had taken the image from my Facebook page, cropped my face out of it and tried to use it to make money. I can't believe someone would ever do this," she explained.

Young mum China Langdon. (Source: Facebook.)

Langdon contacted the police but said she was told there was nothing they could do as sharing the image essentially made it public property. It was reported the page only raised five pounds before it was taken down.

The Torquay resident urges others to remain vigilant when posting online and to ensure they understand their privacy settings on social media.

"We need to be careful of other people because you don't know what they might do with your details or pictures," she believed.

Langdon has since given birth to a daughter, Layla.