Bisexuality just means you're confused, right? Wrong.

“Bisexuality is just a phase.” “Bisexuality just means you’re confused.” “Bisexuality just means you’re too scared to come out as gay.”

Ever heard someone utter phrases like that? It’s likely you have — because being bisexual is still so often stigmatised, both within and outside  the LGBTQI community.

That’s why the video campaign #StillBisexual was created. It aims to dispel some of the main misconceptions about bisexuals — that they don’t stay that way, and that bisexuality somehow not a ‘legitimate’ sexuality.

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#StillBisexual is a “confessional-style” video campaign, produced silently with the use of handwritten title cards that reveal peoples’ dating histories and show how others have reacted when they came out as bi.

A few more #StillBisexual videos (post continues after videos):

The hashtag#StillBisexual is now taking off on Twitter, with some social media users sharing the following on social media:

Want to make your own video? It’s simple, as the campaign’s website explains:

Grab some paper and Sharpies and write some short sentences describing your dating and relationship history. Start with the year you came out as gay, when you came out as bi, or about your first straight boyfriend or girlfriend. Tell us how others reacted to your sexuality and how you reached the conclusion that your bisexuality was here to stay. End your video with a title card with the hashtag #StillBisexual. Share your video with @StillBisexual and on the Facebook page “Still Bisexual.”

What do you think can be done to overcome the stigmatisation of bisexuality?

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