Stick on eyeliner, it's a thing now.

No matter how many times I try I cannot for the life of me perfect an even cat eyeliner. I’m just a little challenged. Some people can master it and I am just not one of those people.

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Every single time I end up with the liner on one eye looking thicker than the other and before I know it I’m on the “I’ll just even up the other side” slippery slide into removing the whole lot and starting over.

I'll just even up this side...oops.

Well rest assured there is hope for those of us with a shaky hand.

And the answer is stick on eyeliner.  Yes, stick on.

Basically, flash tattoos for your eyes.

And actually, it's a lot less scary and a lot more practical than you first think.

Stick on eyeliner as seen at the 2014 Dior show. Image: Pinterest

First seen on the runway of Dior's 2014 couture show, stick on liner has now become available to us mere mortals with the likes of Dior, Lancome and Violent Lips all debuting their own range of stick on decals especially designed for your eyelids.

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According to Allure, head makeup artist for Dior, Peter Phillips, hand cut over 70 pairs of metallic silver liners to use on models during the show. The overall look was modern, minimal but yet surprising elegant and has since inspired several big name make up brands to create a line for consumers.

Stick on eyeliner ensures an even, clean line every time. Really, it's pretty foolproof!

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You'll need to go with a minimal look with the rest of your makeup because using the decals over other products will affect the glue and they won't adhere properly but once they're on, they will last all day and into the night.

Dior offers modern metallics in their range of stick on eyeliner

It will cost you $61 for Dior's version of stick on liner (which includes 4 stickers) but Lancome and Violent Eyes are a lot more reasonable at $25 for 3 pairs and $6 per pair respectively. The decals are available in a huge range from basic black to metallics, multicoloured, glossy and glitter for those who are perhaps a little more adventurous.

Violent Lips offer every colour of stick on liner under the sun.

What do you think? Would you give stick on eyeliner a go?

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