AFL star Stewart Crameri's wedding stuff-up is the most poorly timed in history.

Oh dear.

Suspended AFL player Stewart Crameri and his soon-to-be bride Jess clearly weren’t expecting his team, the Western Bulldogs, to make the grand final this year.

Scheduling their wedding on Friday evening – the night before the year’s biggest game – the pair were seemingly confident the doggies, who finished seventh after the home and away season, would be knocked out in the first few weeks of finals.

Stewart and Jess were terribly mistaken.

Having beaten the GWS Giants on the weekend, the Bulldogs are the first AFL team in the league’s 120-year history to make it to the grand final from seventh spot.

Which means five of Stewart’s teammates who were invited now face a tough predicament: go to the wedding and risk putting the coach offside, or stay home for a quiet night in and miss out on your mate’s big day?

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The 28-year-old’s calendar mishap has been labeled as “un-Australian” by members of the football world, with popular personalities slamming the mistake as “ridiculous”.

The wife of Stewart’s ex-teammate Adam Cooney, Haylea, spoke to EON Sports Radio on Monday about the wedding disaster.

“Stewy, what were you thinking?” she laughed with the hosts.

“We plan babies around this and I’m not kidding. Inductions and C-sections are literally planned around footy games.

“In their defence, Jess, she’s a beautiful girl, she’s from Ireland. I think they definitely had to work around her family coming over from Ireland. But, yeah, I’m not sure what he was thinking.”

I’m going to back up Stewart here too and point out that he is a bit rusty after serving a year-long ban with 34 other current and former Essendon players for doping offences in 2012.

That said, there is this thing called “a calendar” and a saying that goes “better to be safe than sorry” and what is now basically a commandment that “THOU MUST NOT HAVE A WEDDING ON GRAND FINAL WEEKEND”.

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