Steve Smith has shared an emotional Instagram post about life after the ball-tampering scandal.

It’s been almost two months since the Australian cricket team ball tampering scandal made headlines, and after taking some much-needed time out, former captain Steve Smith is finally ready to come home.

The last time we saw the 28-year-old was at a press conference at the end of March, and it’s hard to forget the broken man who stepped in front of the cameras.

After being caught out for ball tampering, Smith gave a heartbreaking press conference, where he tearfully apologised for his actions.

It made the nation question whether they had been too harsh in judging the Australian cricket team.

But on Friday, Smith made a welcome return to social media, looking refreshed and happy.


After nearly two months of silence, the sportsman shared a photo of himself with his fiancee, Dani Willis, and their dog.

“It’s great to be back home in Australia. I have had some time away to come to terms with everything and now it’s time to get back into it,” he captioned it.

Although he didn’t say where he’d been, Smith did say he was thankful for all the support he’d received during his break.

“The amount of emails and letters I have received has been incredible and I have been extremely humbled by the enormous amount of support you have given me,” he said.

“I now have a lot to do to earn back your trust.”

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He also thanked his parents and Dani for sticking by him through it all.

“To my Mum, Dad and Dani you have been my rock through this and I can’t thank you enough,” he continued.

“Family is the most important thing in the world and I thank you for your love and support.”

And Smith had plenty of support on Instagram, too.

“Hold your head high. You stood up & said you made a mistake. Who hasn’t in this world,” commented one fan.

“Good on you Steve. Everybody is behind you and can’t wait for you to be back playing,” wrote another.