Nobody could cope with Steve Price's outfit on The Project.

Last night on The Project, the panel was interrogating the overreaction to comments made by footy commentator Steve Gould about female fans.

But honestly, we were having a little trouble concentrating, because the program’s go-to break-it-down-for-us guy, Steve Price, was wearing this…

steve price puffy jacket
Someone turn down the aircon. Pricey looks nippy. Image: Channel 10.

Yes, that's a puffy Kathmandu jacket.

And no, we're not sure why.

Nor was host Waleed Aly.

"I like that you've come prepared for this interview, Steve," he said. "But there won't be any hiking involved."

steve price puffy jacket
"Steve... there won't be any hiking involved." Image: Channel 10.

The veteran columnist tried to claim he'd been sponsored by the brand as a result of his popular stint on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here - a show that involved camping and other such outdoorsy things.

But whatever he was selling, Carrie Bickmore wasn't buyin'.

The rest of this week's TV shenanigans are all here. Give it a listen. Post continues...

"I don't understand," the co-host said through laughter. "The sponsor of what? The new sponsor of Steve Price or... What do you mean?"

"I'm only kidding," the 62-year-old said. "It's just a jacket. Let's get on with it, please."

Sorry Pricey. We can't. We won't. It's just too glorious.

Boss. Via Channel 10.

"It's not just a jacket," Bickmore pressed. "When have you ever worn a jacket like that in normal life, let alone on TV?"

We're going to assume never, because at that point he offered to take it off.

But as we screamed at the TV in protest, he pulled that wonderfully inappropriate coat back around his shoulders, a little more tightly this time.

Good for you, Pricey. Stay warm, buddy.