Some of the most bizarre insults were traded on The Project last night. Seriously.

If there’s one thing we know about Steve Price, it’s that The Project regular does not like to be interrupted.

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne, who was a guest panellist on the show last night,  just couldn’t help himself though, and repeatedly interjected as the conservative broadcaster tried to give his two cents on the state of NSW politics.

The panel was supposed to be unpicking yesterday’s shock resignation of NSW Premier Mike Baird, but the pair only had eyes for each other.

“The great thing about what he did today is, unlike most politicians, he put self-preservation to one side, he put ego to one side, and that’s a lesson I think a lot of people — including the bloke on the end of your desk tonight — might learn!,” Price said, taking aim at Pyne who was sitting in his usual seat behind the desk.

“It’s remarkable to me that a guy whose shirt is the same colour at his fake tan is roasting me,” Pyne playfully hit back.

Carrie Bickmore: Officially losing it. Image: Channel 10

Price did not take the insult to his orange polo nor his orange skin lying down, adding: "I’m surprised you can see me through those silly glasses," while apparently forgetting the only person looking through glasses was himself.

Attempting to bring the conversation back to Baird, he then praised the economic performance of the outgoing state Liberal leader, only to be interrupted once again by Pyne disagreeing with him.

Carrie Bickmore was loving it, by the way.

"You two need your own show. This is amazing!” she exclaimed at one point.

And finally there was this; one of the most obscure burns ever delivered by a right-wing pollie to right-wing shock jock on prime-time Australian television:

"I’ve washed goldfish that look better than he does!"

Pyne later clarified he meant to say "flushed" but, it's a great insult regardless.

Anyway, looking forward to season 1 of Price and Pyne, which *fingers crossed* is a Fry and Laurie-style skit show.

You can watch the full clip below: