The impossible happened and we don't even recognise Steve Price anymore.

In news that’ll bring a big ol’ grin to your face, The Project’s Steve ‘Pricey’ Price is feeling chirpier than ever.

After 43 days on Network 10’s I’m A Celebrity, which was filmed in a South African jungle, the notoriously grouchy 62-year-old has a much sunnier disposition. It’s a change so drastic he now refers to himself in “pre-jungle” and post-jungle terms.

No, seriously.

“That’s the pre-jungle Steve Price… I’m not like that anymore,” Pricey said after the show’s regular hosts Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar, and Waleed Aly played a video reel of his grumpiest moments.

“I’m now so happy that I’m thinking of changing the theme song to my radio show to that Will Ferrell song, Happy.

“As long as it’s happy I don’t mind.”

(He means Pharrell Williams, not Will Ferrell, but we’ll let that one slide.)

Carrie said she has a theory as to why Pricey’s so stoked to be back at work.

“One of the things [researchers] have found is that you’re happier as a person if you enjoy the people you work with,” the mum-of-two explained. “I wondered if what happened in the jungle is you realised how much you enjoy working with us and you came out and were just like ‘I’m so happy to be back with these people’.”

She’s bang on the money.

“If you had to spend 43 days in the jungle with those 10 people you’d be very happy to come back and work with you, Carrie, Pete and Waleed,” Pricey said, following up with this:

“You’re the most magnificent people I’ve ever met and I just couldn’t wait to get out of there and come back and hug you all and sit and laugh and joke and have fun at the desk.”



“I can’t cope anymore,” Carrie said.

“Let’s bring it back to reality Pricey,” Pete jumped in. “It must be tough for you to constantly be happy. Because in your job, let’s face it, you’re basically paid to be a grumpy bastard.”

“I was, Peter, but that was pre my experience days,” Pricey explained. “I now run a radio show that asks people to ring in with good fun ideas and business success stories. We don’t do any of those sad stories anymore, and you just watch those ratings dive through the toilet.”

So, is this change legitimate? What does the new Pricey look like?

“To be totally honest, I’m completely changed. I never thought it would happen but I’m completely changed. So much to the point where I used to abuse people when I was in the car – I had a bit of road rage… I don’t do that anymore. I’m absolutely totally, honestly, 100 per cent changed and much happier within myself.”

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Pricey’s personality change includes his politics, too.

“I’m not going to end up an old lefty like Waleed, but I will move down that way a little bit and I’ll come to the centre maybe,” he said.

Stop bloody everything. This is the cheeriest news story to ever happen. Ever. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is official proof that nothing is impossible.

Welcome, Pricey. Welcome.