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"Warm piss in a plastic glass." Australia reacts to the MAFS dinner party that broke Steve.

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Everybody stand down because tonight’s episode was Mishel’s time to shine.

You see, the QLD mum-of-two is a woman on the verge. Last night she was told by her fake husband of six weeks, Steve, that he isn’t attracted to her. Now, she has nothing to lose.

“He thinks he’s a glass of Moët and really he’s just warm piss in a plastic glass,” she said, describing her husband in a piece-to-camera.

Sure, there are other dysfunctional couples to talk about but none of them are quite so eloquent when describing their other half.

Relive the moment Steve puts his foot in it and tells Mishel he’s not attracted to her. Post continues below.

Video by MAFS Facebook

Things don’t improve at the dinner party. While the old couples were getting acquainted with the new couples – Seb and Lizzie and KC and Drew – Lizzie caught up on the existing drama. After all, this wasn’t her first rodeo.

Eventually, Mishel pushes her (fake) husband just a little bit too far and the episode ends with Steve walking out of the show, with Josh running after him. It’s wrong, but all we can think about is this iconic BBC Walk on the Wild Side scene.

Steve Mishel MAFS 2020

Either way, Steve is done.

Here were the best reactions to tonight's episode.







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