The former Neighbours star who's seven months pregnant.

Stephanie McIntosh is having a mini-Mac.

And it took everyone a while to notice.

The 28-year-old former Neighbours  star (remember Skye Mangel? She even had Neighbours‘ first ever lesbian kiss. Ooooh) shared a photo on her friend’s Instagram announcing her pregnancy earlier this month.

She is SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT, but the news is only just hitting the stands.

Take a look:

She didn’t really try to hide it… She just lives far away.

The actress turned singer is based in LA with her boyfriend of 9 months Pete Hieatt, landscaper extrordinaire. In February, Steph posted a quote on social media: “And from across the crowded room I saw you smile only at me.” Now, that’s a bit cute.

Steph is still working as an actress and singer, soon to star in a thriller called Red Herring with fellow Neighbours ex-pat Holly Valance.

If you want to see what she will look like as a Mum, this is Steph in 2006, with some other cute little bub.

We assume hers will also be just as cute and baby-like. Steph will probably look a bit more tired, though.

Congratulations Steph and Pete. Hope you bring little baby Mac for a visit to Ramsay Street.

No doubt the baby will be extremely talented considering its mumma can do all of this: