How much a state education from Kindergarten to Year 12 will cost.

New figures have revealed exactly how much parents will shell out for a state education – and it’s probably more than you would think.

According to the Daily Telegraph, mums and dads can expect to fork out over $73,000 to send a child born in 2016 to a public school from Kindergarten to Year 12.


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Scholarship provider ASG recently released the figures via The Planning for Education Index - and it's a sobering read for all parents, with the national average public school eduction totalling $66,862.

The predictions have taken into account factors such as school fees, transport, uniforms, computers, school excursions and sporting trips.

Meanwhile, the Index also predicted that a private school education in Sydney would cost $552,351, compared to the national metropolitan average of $468,397.

ASG CEO John Velegrinis said the cost of education had risen dramatically over the past ten years - and he warned that parents should start planning early.

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“Regardless of whether you send your children to a government, systemic or private school, the costs of that education will clearly increase which is why we advocate that parents start planning for education as early as possible, even from the moment their child is born," he said.

“We’re very fortunate in Australia to have a variety of excellent government, systemic and private schools. If you have two or three children, the cost of a private education could be higher than the purchase price of the family home. We advocate parents use a disciplined approach by putting a little bit away each week so they financially can afford their children’s educational goals and aspirations," he added.

Are you sending your kids to a public or private school? 

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