People are very, very angry that the new Star Wars movie features a female lead.

Women! Am I right?!

First they got the right to vote, then they got equal pay, then they got maternity leave, then they got into powerful leadership positions, and now, it’s just gone too far. Because the new Star Wars movie features a female lead, and predictably, many people on the Internet are NOT happy. The teaser trailer, which was released earlier today, introduces us to Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), who some suspect might be Rey’s mother.

But while some Star Wars fans are busy putting together the timing and genealogy of the series, and others, like myself, are busy being over-excited about the fact that Felicity Jones starred in my favourite childhood show, The Worst Witch, others are simply furious that Disney would dare cast a female protagonist.

Guys, remember The Worst Witch?!?! Right image via Getty.

What happened to the good ol' days when women spent all their time in the kitchen, and movies were made by, for and about men?


What happened to movies where women were entirely one-dimensional, and didn't talk to each other about anything other than a man who was a romantic interest?

It seems 'the times, they are a-changin', but the sexist jerks on social media are frankly sick of this 'feminist bulls**t'.

Let's have a look at just some of the delightful Twitter responses to the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


It's sort of like the chicken/egg scenario - is the film crap because it has a female lead, or does it have a female lead because it's crap?

Yes, Sean. It is your male insecurity speaking.

And here are some equally delightful Youtube comments.

Female leads. EUGH. They're everywhere these days. Who do they think they are? PEOPLE?!

And for those of us who aren't dedicated Star Wars fans - there isn't always a female lead.

As Youtube user RexBlyCody put it, 'Luke's the main character in Episode I through Episode III, and just about every other film that has been made has a male lead or a male-oriented female lead, and yet somehow men think it's justified to complain that there are two films in a row with strong female leads. Are they scared they'll lose their masculinity if they don't watch men all the time?'

As for alienating the 'core fan base' - it's a shame to think that the inclusion of a female lead is alienating. I guess that means that for the majority of the history of cinema, anyone who isn't a straight, white male has been alienated.

Many of the comments expressed not only a problem with the lead being female, but also a problem with the female they had chosen. But criticism of Felicity Jones is entirely unwarranted. Her film credits include The Diary of Anne Frank,  The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and most recently, The Theory of Everything, a role for which she received nominations for the Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA, and Academy Award for Best Actress.


Luckily, the Internet is a diverse place, and there were a number of voices who were very excited about Star Wars' female protagonist.

There were also many voices calling out the sexism. 

Personally, we're eagerly awaiting the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and if groups of men are too outraged by the female presence, we don't mind. That means more seats and more popcorn for us.