Capricorn, we have bad news. How likely you are to be a billionaire based on your star sign.


We are all already obsessed with the characteristics assigned to each Zodiac Star Sign, which is multiplied by 498 if it means that we have a predisposition to becoming a billionaire.

Whether you are a believer or cynic in astrology, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your star sign has been awarded ‘Most Likely to Become A Billionaire’?

We think yes.

Conducted by UK Domain, the study analysed the star signs of the top 250 people on Forbes’ most recent Billionaire List to determine which zodiac sign was most likely to produce billionaires.

So congratulations to… Libras! Considering those within this Zodiac group tend to possess traits of leadership and initiative, the finding is hardly surprising.

Libras emerged on top with 27 billionaires born within the period of September 23 – October 22. Notable billionaires of the Libra Star Sign include American fashion designer Ralph Lauren and Beate Heister, the daughter of the founder of Aldi. Although not on the list of billionaires, other famous Libras who have healthy bank accounts include Kim Kardashian, Will Smith and Serena Williams.

Second on the list was Pisces, who had five less than Libras with 22 billionaires to their name. And with 20 billionaires each, Cancer, Taurus and Leo all tied for third place.

Here’s how all the zodiac signs placed…

  • Libra – 27 billionaires
  • Pisces – 22 billionaires
  • Cancer – 20 billionaires
  • Taurus – 20 billionaires
  • Leo – 20 billionaires
  • Scorpio – 16 billionaires
  • Gemini – 15 billionaires
  • Aries – 15 billionaires
  • Aquarius – 12 billionaires
  • Virgo – 11 billionaires
  • Sagittarius – 8 billionaires
  • Capricorn – 8 billionaires

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