Melbourne grammar school 'porno ring' being investigated by police.

Victoria Police has launched an investigation into what is being called a pornography ring believed to be operating at elite Melbourne school St Michael’s Grammar.

The investigation was prompted by the discovery of a Dropbox folder containing naked images of teenage girls.

The folder is believed to have been created by a 16 year-old male student and shared with other male students in years 10 and 11. All of the images in the folder are believed to be of female students also attending the co-educational St Kilda school.

St Michael's Grammar, St Kilda. Source: Facebook

Following similar high-profile scandals at Melbourne Grammar School and Brighton Grammar, head of school at St Michael's Simon Gipson has said any students not upholding the school's standards will meet "the most severe consequences."

Speaking to The AgeMr Gipson also said the incident came to light after a student reported the folder to the school, who then immediately referred the matter to police.

St Michael's Grammar head of school Mr Simon Gipson. Source: Facebook

Detectives from Moorabbin sexual offences and child abuse investigation teams are now involved.

While he said he could not comment on any action the school has taken he said St Michael's continues to "make all decisions according to our behavioural expectations framework, which is based on our core values of dignity, respect, care and compassion."

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But according to one  parent, the incident is a reflection of a broader problem - the digital generation's easy access to pornography.

"We need to have a conversation as a society about the impact of porn on teenage sexuality and respectful relationships," the parent told Fairfax Media. 

"The boys are creating their own pornography and become desensitised."