5 questions you had after watching Netflix's Squid Game, answered.

If you're reading this, you've probably just finished watching Squid Game. Or, you were too disturbed to finish the series off, but still need your questions answered.

Either way, welcome. 

In case you missed it, Korean drama Squid Game dropped on Netflix last week, and we were hooked. 

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The psychological drama follows Gi-Hun, a gambling addict who is approached to join a game where people with large debts from across South Korea compete in a series of children's games for a ₩45.6billion (AUD $53 million) cash prize.

Only if you lose... you die.

It's like a wonderful, twisted blend of the Hunger Games and the Saw franchise... but so much better.

So, after a very long night of binge-watching, we're going to *attempt* to answer all the questions we had post-episode nine.

Oh, and it goes without saying. There are LOTS of spoilers ahead.

Who wins in Squid Game?

After five agonising games, there are two remaining contestants. 

Main character Gi-Hun (number 456) and his childhood friend Sang-Woo (number 218) are left to face off in the final competition: Squid Game.

Only this time, the childhood game is topped off with a generous amount of steak knife wielding and blood.

After a brutal fight, Gi-Hun gets the upper hand and just as you think he is going to land a fatal blow on his friend, he asks to withdraw from the game - should they both agree to leave.

He offers Sang-Woo a hand, but Sang-Woo stabs himself, leaving Gi-Hun to win the money. 

Who dies in Squid Game?

Pretty much everyone. 

Each and every contestant aside from Gi-Hun are eliminated - with one surprising exception.

Player one, Il-Nam, loses to his best friend and Gganbu, Gi-Hun, in game four.

Image: Netflix.


It was heartbreaking, and the camera panned away from his tragic execution. But in episode nine, we learned he was spared as a game VIP who was only participating for the rush. 

More on that later.

Who is the front man in Squid Game

In a twist precisely no one saw coming, the missing brother that policeman Jun-Ho was searching for wasn't competing in the games as he suspected. 

Instead, he was the front man.

Image: Netflix.

The plot came to a head in episode nine when Jun-Ho managed to escape the facility and contacted the police from a nearby island. 

The front man then managed to corner his brother at the edge of a cliff where he revealed his identity to him before shooting him in the shoulder.


What does the Squid Game ending mean?

Where to begin? 

After a year of not spending any of his winnings, Gi-Hun is approached by a street vendor selling flowers, and purchases one. 

Attached is a card from his 'Gganbu' aka Il-Nam (yes, the same one he thought was dead), inviting him to an empty building in the middle of the city. 

It's here where we discover that Il-Nam, now on his deathbed, was really a game VIP, and is mega-rich. 

When Il-Nam dies in front of Gi-Hun, the main character is inspired to do good with the money he was given and takes care of his friend's families as promised before the last challenge. 

In the final few scenes of the series, Gi-Hun is on the way to see his daughter at the train station when he spots the same man who invited him to the game to begin with, asking someone else to join. 

He takes the card from the recruit and while boarding the plane to the US to see his daughter, he speaks to the game makers on the phone. 

They instruct him to get on the plane and forget about what has happened, but Gi-Hun turns around, assumedly hoping to put a stop to the games altogether.

Will there be a second season of Squid Game?

It sure seems like it. 

The series finished with a whole bunch of cliffhangers, like Gi-Hun pulling out of his trip to visit his daughter in the US to go back to the game, and Jun-Ho potentially escaping his death.

Which sounds like the perfect setup for a season two, if you ask us.

But given season one was a long time in the making, we have a feeling it won't be anytime soon.

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