A spring-time beauty routine that'll have you feeling a little less 'woolly mammoth'.

Nair Sensitive
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Winter hibernation is real, you guys. By the end of the chilly months, my body is closer to that of a woolly mammoth than an actual human being. Come Spring, I literally have to shed a layer to find summer Natalia somewhere under all the hair and dead skin.

As much as it’s painful to say goodbye to the winter version of myself who is as low maintenance as you can possibly imagine, there’s something exciting and rejuvenating about welcoming in spring.

Here are the four steps in my beauty routine that help me come out of winter hibernation and ready for summer in the sun.

1. Waxing.

First thing’s first – hair removal. Thanks to jeans and perpetual singledom, my legs have been cultivating small forests for the past four months. While nature’s way has proved somewhat practical in keeping me warm during winter, now that the spring weather is creeping in, it’s time to crawl out of my self-contained jungle and onto the beach.

My Mediterranean body hair means that I can barely make it three days hair-free if I go down the shaving route, so waxing has always been my go-to. However, working full-time has meant I never seem to have the time to schedule life admin during the working week, and good luck getting an appointment with the beautician on a Saturday (and having something leftover in your wallet for lunch.)

"What year is it?" Image: TriStar Pictures.

Lately, I’ve been opting for good ol’ DIY hair removal, which lets me take care of business from my own bathroom. After exfoliating all the dead skin away and drying my legs thoroughly, it’s so easy to whip out ready-to-go wax strips and get rid of any unwanted hair. As my skin tends to be especially dry during the winter months, I’ve found that Nair Sensitive works well for me.


Specially formulated for people with sensitive skin to quickly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the legs, underarms or bikini area, it’s as easy as pulling the strips apart, smoothing them onto the skin (in the direction that the hair grows) and swiftly pulling them off again. Nair Sensitive’s new technology means that the wax can be applied directly onto the skin -- no pre-warming or rubbing required. Too easy.

Nair’s new sensitive range also comes with mini wax strips, which are able to be applied on the face and sensitive areas. So while my lower body is undergoing a process of deforestation, the hair on my upper lip gets the boot too.

2. Moisturising.

Another way I’ve neglected my skin is moisturisation. I’m always so good with cleansing, toning and moisturising my face twice daily, but I forget that the other 95 per cent of my body is also covered in skin and needs some TLC. As we spend days out in the sun in spring and summer, our skin often becomes dehydrated and flakey. If you’re anything like me, your legs start to look like dried-out salt lakes, which while beautiful on the pages of National Geographic, are not welcome on any part of my body.

I always ensure I moisturise after a shower, so that my soft skin can drink up the hydration, and after waxing, to both soothe and hydrate my skin. After spending days on the beach, I opt for a moisturiser with aloe vera to cool the skin.

Don't forget that all areas of your skin need some TLC. Image: iStock Pictures.


3. Doing my nails.

One of the best things about winter is getting to wear cute boots and sneakers just about everywhere you go. One of the worst things about parting ways with winter is that you have to deal with the state of your feet after you’ve not given them a chance to breathe for months.

Nothing says ‘hello summer’ like a fresh pedicure to set off a pair of strappy sandals. While it’s hard to say no to my favourite nail lady who does a killer mani/pedi for $40, going every fortnight from September to March seems a bit excessive. Instead, I’ve turned Thursday nights into a ‘weekend prep’ evening, where I’ll have a shower, wash my hair, wax my legs and do my nails while watching a chick flick. All it really takes is a nail clipper, a great lacquer and a steady hand.

Love the look? Learn it here. Image: Pexels.

4. Self-tanning.

We all know there’s nothing healthy about a tan, so why not fake it? Once you’re showered and hairless, it’s time to apply your favourite colour-in-a-can. I’ve seen YouTube tutorials with girls using paint rollers and gloves to apply their fake tan, but all you really need are clean, dry hands and some moisturiser. Mixing your moisturiser with some fake tan ensures you get natural-looking colour without the streaks, perfect for shedding your winter skin.

Having an end-of-hibernation beauty routine can be as quick and easy as four DIY steps to feeling rejuvenated for spring. After months of embracing my natural self, it seems only fair to let my inner glamazon have her time in the sun.

How do you scrub up for spring?