Yes, it's possible to pull off a fun manicure without having an art degree. Here's how it's done.

Image: Rainbow tips are perfect for spring (supplied)

Spring is here, which is the ultimate excuse to embrace kooky, colourful nail art. With a few handy tools and a flick of the wrist, you can wear all the spoils of springtime — fruits! Flowers! Rainbows! Donuts! — on your very own hands.

But I have absolutely no mani skills!‘ we hear you cry. ‘I’ll never be able to do this myself!’

Well, you might be surprised.

Recently, DARE Nails sent two manicurists, Casey and Heather, to The Glow HQ to school us all in the art of chic, sweet nails… that don’t require an actual visual arts degree.

Our intern Maddison bravely volunteered as tribute, and we watched in awe as her nails were turned into sprinkled donuts and coloured tips. (Post continues after gallery.)

The best part? Casey and Heather swear you don’t need any special skills in order to pull these looks off. However, if you want the best chance of success here’s what they recommend:


Expert nail tips

1. Invest in a ‘striping brush’

This is what was used to paint on the coloured tips and donut sprinkles styles in the video. Heather says a striping brush “makes everything simple” and that you can buy them everywhere, even art supply stores. Otherwise, a toothpick is a good alternative.

2. Let everything dry

It’s important to let each coat of polish — even the tiny details like the sprinkles — dry for one or two minutes before applying another. If you don’t, your top coat could ‘drag’ the donut sprinkles you’ve meticulously applied, while the rainbow tips could seep in to your base colour. Not ideal.

3. Always use base coat

Yes, it’s another step in the process, but if you don’t use a base coat the coloured polish could discolour your nails. Nobody needs that in their lives.

Maddison's nails being prepped for application.

4. Be uniform with sprinkles

When it comes to applying the donut sprinkes, do it one colour at one time — i.e. apply all the yellow sprinkles to all your nails, then go back and do the blue ones, and so on, rather than going nail by nail.

5. Short is okay

You don't need long nails to wear nail art like this. Heather and Casey say they're seeing a lot of clients who are asking to have their talons clipped back. Short nails are officially in. (Post continues after gallery.)

6. Keep it steady

Even manicurists get shaky hands when applying the teeny-tiny details. To steady your hands, try resting one on the other while applying those details.

7. Cuticle care

Don't undo all your good work by neglecting to care for your nails. Heather and Casy say it's vital to push back your cuticles and massage oil into them regularly.

What's your favourite manicure look?