"I no longer need any other clothes": 26 things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

Ahead of Spring, the Mamamia team have been shopping. With pretty much all of us stuck in lockdown, we've been stocking up on new clothes, shoes and accessories to wear while WFH and (hopefully) when we open up again.

From flowy linen pieces to many pairs of sneakers, here are 26 things we shopped this month.

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Dissh Nelly White Linen Pintuck Shirt, $99.

"Fresh, white and super femme for spring and summer. Work appropriate or easily dressed up with cute shorts or pants for a weekend lunch." - Genevieve Maslin, Social Media Account Manager.

Image: Dissh.

Avant Birthstone Necklace March, $169.

"Also this. I love layering jewellery and the little stone is such a cute pop of colour amongst a few different plain chains." - Genevieve Maslin, Social Media Account Manager.


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Everlane The Retro Jersey Hoodie, $36, and The ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt, $34.

"They haven't arrived yet, but I bought this hoodie and sweatshirt. I'm just looking for comfy transeasonal pieces while we don't know how long we'll be in lockdown." - Emmeline Peterson, Podcast Producer.

Image: Everlane.


Image: Everlane.

Rollas Eastcoast Flare Lilac Cord, $149.95.

"I impulse bought these after seeing an ad on TikTok of all places. They haven't arrived yet and it'll probably be too hot to wear them by the time we're out of lockdown, but I just needed more colour in my life." Jess Staveley, Weekend Editor.

Image: Rollas.


Lucy & Yak L.E Easton Dungarees: ORGANIC TWILL - Drew, $126.

"This year I've become completely obsessed with Lucy & Yak. This pair, in particular, I bought recently and I'm convinced I no longer need any other clothes. They're perfect with a turtle neck when it's cold and a t-shirt when it's warm. I never thought I'd be confident enough to wear dungarees but they make me feel so happy and comfy!" - Rose Kerr, Podcast Producer.

Image: Lucy & Yak.

Anine Bing Sport Harvey Sweatshirt, $225.26.

"I bought this after spotting it on Instagram and instantly realised I needed it. I bought another Anine Bing jumper last lockdown and live in it, so while I know it's exy for a jumper, it'll be a good investment piece that I'll wear all the time." - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Anine Bing.


New Balance 574 Core, $140.

"I've been after a pair of sneakers that I can wear when I'm not walking and working out and fell in love with these. They're cute, unbelievably comfortable and go perfectly with my new jumper." - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied.

Steele Naomi Dress, $279.

"I can't go past a good Summer dress like this. I love the colour and the shape is good for my ever-growing mid-section." - Isobel Paine, Head of MPlus.

Image: Steele.


Nike Air Max 90, $149.95.

"I bought these to add to my sneaker collection. I figure since I’m going for more walks these days I need them… right? They’re super comfy and I can wear them with almost anything." - Leah Porges, Podcast Producer.

Image: Foot Locker.

Wildflower Basics Crew, $80.

"My friends have a little coffee shop in Newcastle called Wildflower that also sells clothes and things. I bought this jumper with the pink stitching. I figure if I’m gonna wear jumpers/comfy clothes all day every day they may as well be nice. And supporting a small business is a plus." - Gia Moylan, Podcast Producer.

Image: Wildflower.


Homebodii Lady Daphne Luxury Glitter Slipper, $129.95.

"I haven't bought these yet but I am seriously close to doing it." - Cathy O'Brien, Content Producer. 

Image: Homebodii.

Quay Australia Yada Yada, $65.

"THESE SUNGLASSES. They are perfectly oversized (big enough to hide behind but not too massive they take up my entire face), a cool shade of brown that I haven't seen before and really good quality. I wore them all weekend and got many a compliment." - Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied.


Cecilie Copenhagen Dress 2, V, No Sleeves, $289.

"I was influenced by the Afterpay article and bought a Cecile Copenhagen dress as I just love the pattern. But I got the sleeveless version to wear in spring when we get out of lockdown (hopefully)." - Melody Teh, Deputy Editor.

Image: The Iconic.

Glassons Check Knit Jumper, $49.99.

"I would genuinely die for this jumper it is not only unbelievably cute but also unbelievably soft!? Like I want to cover my entire body in this fabric at all times because it’s lightweight but also so snuggly." - Maddie King, Social Media Executive.


Image: Supplied.

Cult Avenue Darby Mule - Zebra, $89.95.

"I BOUGHT THESE! My mum says they shouldn't be seen outside of the house but I politely disagree." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Supplied.


Powderpuff Rodeo Girls Cropped Tee, $55.

"And I also got this because five-year-old me would've killed for this top." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Supplied.

Cotton On Rib Pocket Bike Short, $29.99.

"As I haven't succumbed to buying an Apple Watch (yet) but I still need to track my steps, I bought these bike shorts with pockets so I can still have my phone on me on all the walks I'm going on. Love the ribbed fabric, sage colour and the price point obviously." - Melody Teh, Deputy Editor.

Image: Cotton On.


FRANKiE4 MiM II Blush Braid, $244.95.

"I'm a bit in love with my new sneakers, so I'm now retiring all sole-destroying shoes I've accumulated as these have set a new bar. It's actually like walking on clouds. They're designed by a podiatrist (and Australian Lady Startup! Love to see it!), so no chunky orthopaedic vibes (just all the comfy benefits)." - Michelle Webb, Branded Content Manager.

Image: Supplied.

Verge Girl Amalfi Coast Tote Bag, $59.

"Just purchased this tote - I thought it was super cute for the beach and going to the markets." - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Verge Girl.


DEIJI STUDIOS 03 Set, $250.

"I bought this set that I've been wanting for ages. I can wear it as loungewear, but it also doubles as a cute set for daywear, or to just run down and get a coffee or go to the beach." - Andi McDermott, Strategy Manager.

Image: Incu.

Asics Gel-Quantum 90, $140.

"I'm getting my Stranger Things aesthetic going." Renny Beazley, Senior Video Producer.

Image: The Iconic.


Venroy Knitted Polo Mini Dress, $240.

"I bought this dress and it's the comfiest thing ever. I can't wait to wear it either casually or dressed up when the weather is warmer, it feels like the perfect spring/autumn item." - Madison Andrew, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Venroy.

Missy Massy Petti-pants Underwear, $39.95.

"I was given a few pairs of petti-pants underwear and got a chance to wear them when we had those few days of warm weather last week. For anyone who may experience a bit of thigh chafing but don't want to feel like you're wearing anything underneath your dress, these are legit the smoothest most lightweight little shorts that don't roll up or down." - Claire Murphy, host of The Quicky.

Image: Missy Massy.


Alexandra Zumbo Sorrento Necklace, $120.

"This necklace makes me so excited for summer outfits. The colours of the stones are so pretty and apparently, they represent inspiration and happiness." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: Supplied.

Bottega Veneta Embossed Rubber Slides, $510.

"This is my first bougie fashion purchase in a while. Rubber Slides by Bottega Veneta, they're very practical (cost per wear, hello!) and the colour is epic." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.


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