One teen learned the hard way that tears and spray tan do not mix.

Attention all spray tanners: Fighting with your boyfriend is definitely something you do not want to do moments after leaving a spray tan salon.

And if you don’t trust us, take Skyler Davis’ word for it.

Heading to a local tanning salon ahead of her prom, the 17-year-old American had just finished a spray session when she got into an argument with her boyfriend.

Like all fights, hurtful words were exchanged and tears ensued, running down her cheeks and gathering down her neck.

But as we all know, freshly applied spray tan and liquids do not mix. And the combination lead to this hilarious result.

Note to self: never heed the warning of a spray tanner. Source: Imgur.

Everywhere the tears ran, the tan disappeared.

"As soon as my tears started coming, I saw I had no tissues in my car and knew I was doomed," the teen told BuzzFeed.

"All of a sudden there were white streaks on my once tan face. Looking in the mirror, I only began to cry more, and there was absolutely nothing I could do but let the tears roll down my face and completely ruin my spray tan."

Once you pop the tears you can't stop the tears Skyler, that's how it happens.

Thankfully, the damage was done early enough that David was able to rush home and wash off the rest of her temporary bronzed glow before the colour set, heading back to the salon the next day.

Happily, the redo spray tan worked perfectly and her prom was a huge success.

Naturally though, Davis' story has gone viral, with her photo being shared hundreds of thousands of times.

"I was just a girl with a messed up spray tan," she said simply. "I had no idea this would ever go viral."

If there's one thing to takeaway from all of this, it's to think before you tan.

Once you've figured out how to ensure a flawless tan, these tips and tricks will help you get that summery glow.

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