Spray-on nail polish is coming. Nail polish dunces, rejoice.

Spray-on nail polish, Paint Can, in action. (Source: Instagram, @nailsinc).

Goodbye, nail polish dribbles and spills, because the future is here: a new spray-on nail polish is going to change your DIY manicure game forever.

Yes, it’s nail polish that you spray onto your nails. And thank  goodness for that, because I am over those tiny little drippy brushes.

British nail polish company, Nails Inc., have created the ingenious Paint Can, which is nail polish in a cute little aerosol can. They’re calling it the “World’s Fastest Manicure.” (Watch how the product works here. Post continues after video.)

How does it work? Well, you spread your fingers out and spray the polish over your nails and fingers. It’s as easy as that.

Style icon Alexa Chung is a fan of Paint Can. (Source: Instagram, @nailsinc)

The formula sticks to your nails only (not skin!), so after waiting a mere 20 seconds for the polish to dry, all you need to do is wash your hands and voila! You will have a perfect, air-brushed manicure, without blobs, drips or streaks.

Paint Can would make a great base for negative space nail art. (Post continues after gallery.)

Paint Can launches on November 12, and comes in two shades: hot pink and silver. You can buy it here, for approximately $21.

We - and our clumsy nails - can't wait to try it.

Would you try spray-on nail polish?