We test out the miracle invention that is spray-on nail polish.

Are you a little, ahem, uncoordinated when it comes to painting your nails? This product may very well be the solution.

Having caused a stir among international beauty editors last year, the Nails Inc Paint Can Spray Polish has finally arrived down under. As soon as it came into our hot little hands, we put it straight on our fingertips.

While nail polish is nothing new (seriously – it’s been around since 3000 BC), this new take on it is a game-changing one.

Whether you’re hopeless at application, are in a bit of a rush or just have FOMO, Paint Can is a great option. You simply apply the base coat, shake and spray the polish over your nails, apply a top coat then leave to dry for a minute or two.

Once your nails are touch dry, wash your hands with soapy water to remove any excess on the skin.


Image: Supplied

It's all the thrill of spray can graffiti with the polish (ha!) of a professional manicure.

For a seemingly novelty product, the colour goes on nicely and evenly (I did just one coat - try two for a totally opaque metallic look) and is seriously foolproof. For best results, spray around five centimetres away from the nail and shake well each couple of fingers.

I loved the metallic bronze 'Mayfair Market', mainly because it makes my fingers look less pale.

It's quick, simple and would be a genius way to cover up previously chipped nails too. While impressive, Paint Can is not designed to entirely replace your favourite go-to polishes. Think of it more as the nail equivalent of dry shampoo - a great quick-fix or speedy option between proper manicures.

The finished result lasts around four days. The thrill of spraying on polish? Hasn't faded yet.

You can find Paint Can, $33, in various colour and the 2-in-1 top and base coat, $15 online at and or instore at David Jones and Sephora. 

Image: Supplied

Would you try spray on polish?