An ode to the Sports-Mad Dad.

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We present to you an ode to all our Sports-Mad Dads out there. The team-players, sideline shouters, couch hecklers and remote control hogs ambassadors.

He’s someone to look up to but he’s also the butt of a lot of jokes. Seriously. There are so many jabs to be made at his expense and it’s admirable how well he takes it. It’s likely due to his nature as a team-player. After all, how could he be any other way? His team is his life. Just don’t ask the Sports-Mad Dad to choose between you and his team. You may not like the answer.

His team is his life. Image: Giphy.com

If you happen to have found yourself in the company of a Sports-Mad Dad you’re in luck. Fiercely loyal, he'll take a soccer ball to the head for you, defend all of your actions to ref (read: other parent) and recall all the stats from his favourite football team at any given moment, even though you didn’t ask. He doesn't always get it right but he gives it a red hot go.

If you happen to share a house and TV with the Sports-Mad Dad you will know all too well that the battle for the remote is real. Sharing is no mean feat, so he'll take as much as he can get, often waking up at ridiculous times to indulge himself in a few hours of men hitting balls around with sticks or “golf.” In my house, The Bachelor reigns supreme, so my dad is lucky to get any viewing time before 10pm.

Here’s the thing; the Sports-Mad Dad is often misunderstood. With his offending fashion sense and distaste for clothing that isn't designed for getting drenched in sweat, he's an easy target. High vis, checkered, tiny running shorts, he owns them all (unfortunately). But we’ll give him credit for those snazzy polo shirts that have been making recent dinner appearances.

sports mad dad

His clothing choices often make him a target. Image: Fox Studios.

The Sports-Mad Dad is the one most likely to become overly competitive. Family barbeques have been known to get heated when a friendly game of darts or table tennis turns into a world tournament. He’s constantly checking his fitness tracker to update us once again on his step count for the day, and his position in the tipping comp is no laughing matter.

Amidst the jokes and disagreements about what is appropriate to wear out to dinner, it's easy to forget that this dad has a lot of wisdom to impart. His coach-like nature means that he's always there for you, no matter how many ill-advised decisions you make throughout your life.

Let’s give a medal to the Sports-Mad Dad. After all, he’s the father who taught you how to ride a bike, showed you how to kick a ball and encouraged you to keep at netball (for a few years) even as your lack of coordination revealed itself to be more than just an awkward teenage thing. Sorry Dad, but the fact remains that NONE of those things are activities I’ll ever go back to.


Sports-Mad Dad encouraged you in all your sporting endeavours. Just like in Space JamImage: Warner Bros.

The thing about a Sports-Mad Dad is that they are accepting of their losses, however reluctant to give up they may seem. If he can’t get you up and about with his preferred sport, he’ll love to hear it if you happen to find other options. Home gym? Go for it. Running around on a field chasing a ball? Great choice. He’s already off to find you a new pair of joggers to get you started. Shaking your booty at a Zumba class? Hell, he might even give it a go and join you. (Yes, I'm talking from personal experience.)

Those of us with Sports-Mad Dads know that he’s always there, watching from the sidelines when you need to be left to your own devices, but ready to step in as backup when a curveball comes your way. Whether he’s YOUR dad or a dad of no relation who you met in your workplace, he’s always got your back. He’s also the seriously underrated MVP of social and family life. Never forget, you can’t be the most under-dressed at a party if you’re standing next to someone who’s still in their sweaty gym clothes.

So go on, hand your Sports-Mad Dad, friend or husband the remote this Father’s Day. Maybe ask him how the game-play works, or even suggest a friendly game of table tennis (at your own peril).

What kind of dad do you have?

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