Australian Survivor fans say last night's finale was spoiled and they're furious.

It was the Australian Survivor ending no-one ever expected: 24-year-old Kristie Bennett overcome all obstacles to beat fan-favourite Lee Carseldine in a landslide win in the show’s epic finale.

But some fans were left fuming, after an ad for The Project, which teased an interview with the winner of the show, appeared to spoil the ending.

Our faces when we see a finale spoiler...Image via Channel 10.

The teaser only showed footage of Kristie while hinting the show would be doing the winner's 'first TV interview'.

Understandably, viewers weren't happy with the hint.



A spokesperson for the network told that the teaser had not spoiled the result.

"The Project promo that aired during the Australian Survivor finale did not spoil the ending," they said.

"The promo included vision of all three finalists and was positioned to viewers that The Project would be chatting to the winner of the hit series."

Despite the potential 'spoiler', many fans didn't see the surprise ending coming, with Kristie revealing she had intentionally played the role of the underdog and introvert the whole competition so the other competitors wouldn't feel threatened.

It was truly one of the greatest blindsides in Survivor history, with fans of the long-running show heralding her as the "greatest winner ever".


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