A TV Presenter did the splits live on air and it went painfully wrong.

Next time you think about doing the splits live on TV, just don’t.

An Italian TV Presenter has learned a tough but important lesson after she attempted to do the splits on her live cooking show.

Conclusively proving that the old adage “you never forget how to ride a bike” does not apply for splits, the presenter walked around to the front of the cooking table on her show, jumped up majestically, then fell to the ground in said… “splits”.

We use the term “splits” loosely, as her trick was actually horrifically painful-looking, not very impressive and overall just made everyone involved pretty uncomfortable.

In spite of (or because of) all of these things, the resulting clip of the trick is actually pretty funny.

Video via Daily Motion

We can’t understand the Italian, we imagine the host said, “wow, that looked like it hurt, perhaps this was’t the best idea after all?”

Although we would not wish this Presenter’s experience on anyone, at the very least it has taught the rest of us a valuable lesson.

Do not attempt splits on live TV.

Or at the very least, practice first.

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