Splitting the bill could change the outcome of your first date.

A first date can be a moral minefield, particularly when it’s time to whip out the wallet.

Do you split the bill evenly? Or is up to whoever extended the invite?

Well, here’s a little factoid that might make that decision a little easier: go dutch and you’re more likely to get lucky.

Yep. According to research conducted by Nielsen and RSVP, 36.8 per cent of Australians who split the bill with their date ended up having sex with them that evening, compared to only 26.6 per cent of people who stumped up for the lot.

It will come as little surprise, then, that the study also discovered most daters opt to go even-Steven.

With the results of the study in mind, RSVP CEO Dave Heysen urges those to embrace the festive spirit.

split the bill on first date
Bowm chikka wow wow. Image: iStock.

“People are in a celebratory mood and have more time on their hands, so now is the time to get dating," he said.

"Not only that, now is also the time to try something different. If you’re always picking up the bill or always letting it pass you by, try splitting it. You never know where it could lead.”

Yeah we do, Dave. Yeah we do.