Man buys bag of bananas full of erection-giving spiders, scares the sh*t out of his wife.

You might say his wife was scared stiff…

A mother was horrified when she opened a bag of bananas and discovered the fruit inside was infested with deadly spider eggs.

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British Maria Layton, 43, said that the eggs started to hatch after she opened the bag for her six-year-old daughter Siri. Freaked out, she immediately placed them in a sealed container, the Daily Mail reports.

The eggs are believed to be those of the Brazilian Wandering Spider — officially the world’s most deadly — whose venom can kill a human in under an hour, or cause a painful four-hour erection in men. Whuuuut?!

So death or a bloody long boner?

The offending fruit (image via Twitter).

The bananas were imported from Costa Rica and had been purchased by Mrs Layton’s husband at a nearby Tesco.

Remember: Always check your cornflakes for snakes.

“Siri asked for a banana. The first banana had a funny bit on it, so I got another one for her and that was when I found the massive spider cocoon,” Mrs Layton said.

“I remembered seeing a news story about them, so I Googled it. I went through the images and there was an image which looked very similar to mine.”

A quick Google revealed this is what a Brazilian Wandering Spider looks like.

Mrs Layton said she doesn’t like spiders at the best of times (no arguments here) and was especially frightened after having read about the species online.

“The spider cocoon started to unfurl so I put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as I read that is supposed to kill them.”

Mrs Layton contacted Tesco and described their response as “a bit useless”.

Maria Layton (artist’s impression)

“Our policy is for the customer to take the product to the store where it can be investigated. We don’t have a service whereby someone can go out to the home,” a spokesperson said.

“We’ve apologised to Mrs Layton and offered a gesture of goodwill.”

What’s the most terrifying experience you’ve had with a creepy crawly?