Beauty vlogger Tracy Kiss is recommending we all try a 'sperm facial'.

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Vloggers can be a great source of beauty inspiration, but they can also open our eyes to treatments we probably won’t be trying anytime soon. Enter: the sperm facial.

Yes, London-based beauty vlogger Tracy Kiss has uploaded a video demonstrating how to do a daily semen facial, which she claims has worked wonders in treating her rosacea. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Tracey Kiss

“It feels so glossy to wipe it off, it’s kind of like having an oil on the face or a wax where it just glides off beautifully,” the 28-year-old ex-glamour model and erotic fiction writer explains in the video.

To do the facial, Kiss cleans her hands with a wipe to ensure they’re clean. Then, because there’s only a small amount, she targets her cheeks, dipping her finger into the pot to pick up the semen, then she applies it directly to her face massaging it into the area.

Image: YouTube

"It dries really quickly and you just feel this cool sensation, you can really feel it coming into your face. It doesn't necessarily get rid of the redness, it won't cure you, but it does reduce it. It makes the skin texture better, stops it from being dry and worn out, rejuvenates, revives, hydrates and leaves it so beautifully soft... it's just a mad moisturiser," she says.

After leaving it on for anywhere between five to 20 minutes, she then washes it off using warm water which makes it feel like "you're doing a face pack."

Kiss explains that she gets her material from a friend, who 'donates' it to her in little takeaway sauce containers, although she encourages using your partner or someone you know is in good sexual health as your source. Yes, sage advice.

"My friend harvests them in his own time as he would do generally on a daily basis anyway as I think most guys do. I'm not involved in the semen extraction, I simply receive it in a tub and he brings it to me and I try to use it as quickly as possible so it's as fresh as it can be," she says. (Post continues after gallery.)

Due to the nature of the liquid, the consistency is not always, well, consistent, with variation depending on the time of day, how many donations he has made beforehand or even what he has eaten during the week. However for safety, Kiss says she ensures he doesn't take drugs, smoke or drink alcohol in the lead up to the donation.

While she understands many people may have concerns with putting semen on their face, Kiss assures her viewers that it's a "very natural and healthy" thing to do.

"I know exactly what goes into this, I know there are no added chemicals, no harshness, it's as active and live and natural as you could possibly have. And if semen can build babies and make them come out with beautiful soft skin, it also leaves my skin nice and soft like that" she says.

It's not the first time the ex-glamour model has spoken of her erm, unusual treatment. The latest video is a tutorial and follow up to a widely shared blog post and video she posted last year about the treatment.

Image: YouTube

"From first impressions it can be quite taboo and I think the shock factor of it makes people shy away from the actual benefits of using it," she says. Talk about understatement of the century.

As to the benefits of using semen for a facial, there's a lot of mixed information. While some claim that it's full of proteins, minerals and antioxidants that are great for skin, there is actually no scientific proof of it's skincare benefits.

"While a healthy, balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals as well as protein, the potential benefits of a similar topical preparation and their relationship to healthy skin remain elusive," dermatologist Dr Will Kirby told The Daily Beast earlier this year.

And even if you're keen to try it, there's the chance that it could actually harm skin rather than treat it.

"Many people—even monogamous couples—have undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that could be spread to the mucous membranes (lips, nostrils and eyes) via topical application of male ejaculate for those seeking aesthetic improvement," Dr Kirby said.

So while it's certainly 'natural' and entirely up to you what you put on your face, all things considered we think we might give this one a miss.

Have your or would you ever try a semen facial?

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