Why Sophie Turner (AKA Sansa Stark) believes Jon Snow is sexist.

Jon Snow might be the hero of Game of Thrones; the man who went from black sheep to Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, who lead the battle against tyrannical Ramsay Bolton, reclaimed Winterfell and avenged the crimes against his family.

But as we saw in the first episode of Season Seven last week, the newly appointed King of the North’s rise to power is revealing a potentially dangerous flaw.

He won’t listen to his damn sister.


To we viewers it’s pretty plain Sansa has her s**t together. She’s seen and heard enough during her time as Cersei Lannister’s daughter-in-law to know what makes the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and enemy of the North tick.

Yet, when she threw in her two cents during Episode 1 she was dismissed, then mansplained, then dismissed again by her brooding bro.

According to the actor behind Sansa, Sophie Turner, the reason is simple. Jon Snow is sexist.

“I think the sibling rivalry stems from childhood,” Turner told EW at Comic-Con this week. “The reality is Jon is the military man, and the sexism still exists where he believes that he should organise all the plotting and the ‘waring’.

“Sansa is a really wonderful politician, and he doesn’t recognise that, and she feels quite underappreciated. So this is a lot of her trying to get her voice heard, and we’ll see a lot of that play out this season.”

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Turner appreciates that with all this sibling rivalry, viewers may struggle to know whose side to take when their two favourite characters are tousling.

“It’s difficult because military-wise, she doesn’t know anything. And she’s kind of butting in, in that respect. And he, on the other hand, is trying to be more of a politician, and he doesn’t know as much as she does,” Turner told EW.

“If they could just learn to collaborate…”

(Said every mother ever.)

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