Sophie Monk's age is an advantage when it comes to the Bachelorette.


When Sophie Monk was announced as the next Bachelorette on the weekend a thousand doubts went through my mind.

Was she in it for the (hashtag) right reasons? Or was it purely for another stab at fame? Is she too plastic fantastic for women at home to relate to? Would an ordinary bloke really have a shot at love with a woman who usually only dates celebrities?

But then another, far more exciting thought, struck me. After years of watching a bevy of leggy, genetically blessed 20-somethings declaring a reality series is the only way they can find love, finally we have a woman, not a girl, in the driving seat.

At 37, Sophie has kissed plenty of frogs in her search for a prince. She’s had time to make mistakes, to work out what she wants and what she doesn’t want. And while she’s still hoping for a fairytale ending, she’s mature enough to know they don’t just fall in your lap without some effort.

Sam Frost was just 25 when she won – and then very publicly had it taken back – Blake Garvey’s final rose on the second season of The Bachelor. She was only one year older when she recaptured the nations’ heart as she then declared her lasting love for inaugural Bachelorette winner Sasha.

At 27, she’s single once more. And that’s okay. But would she have been more likely to have found lasting romance if she’d tried the show a little later on?

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And the following Bachelor and Bachelorette stars haven’t been that much older since.

Georgia Love was 27 as she embarked on a rose handing mission. Her reject, Matty J, just 28 when he was offered his role on The Bachelor. Richie Strahan may have been 31, but his final rose winner Alex Nation was a mere 24-years-old.

And while I’ve always been a fan of the reality format, I’ve never been as invested in the outcome as I was that one giddy time a real grown up took the helm and formed what is hands down my favourite pairing to date.

One of the first promotional shots we ever saw of Sam Wood. (Source: Channel 10.)

Ladies and gentleman, let us remember the wondrous times of Sam Wood.

The season three Bachelor was a positively ancient (by Bachie standards) 34 years of age when he wooed 21 single ladies. And he enraptured the nation when he bestowed his final rose to the equally positively ancient (by Bachie standards) Snezana Markoski, also 34.

The pair have remained firm favourites with fans since. Not only that, their relationship has gone from strength to strength as they’ve maturely built on what they found during their time on the show.

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While they certainly haven’t gone to ground in the aftermath – they’ve used their five minutes to build a fitness empire – they also have stayed true to why they were there in first place. Their biggest priority is ensuring love comes before all.

Is that an age thing? I kind of think it is.

As a woman of a certain age (*cough* 44 *cough*) who has only recently – fingers crossed – found a relationship that looks like it may last the distance, I think it’s fantastic that we’ll finally see another realistic love story unfold on screens.

Because I hope as well as having a more mature leading lady in Sophie Monk, we’ll also see some more mature behaviour from those vying to be her leading man.

And after watching last year’s boys fumble in their sometimes childish pursuit of Georgia Love, that will come as an absolutely refreshing relief.

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