We've just met two of Sophie Monk's potential suitors. And this is going to be good.

We’ve just met two of Sophie Monk’s potential suitors for the upcoming season of The Bacheloretteand damn this is going to be good.

First, we have Apollo, which sounds like a made-up name but we’re going with it. He is obviously a magician from Queensland, and according to a press release from Channel Ten, he “loves to lift people’s spirits”.

Despite rumours that the eligible bachelors were going to be older than contestants in the past, Apollo is 24 years old, 13 years younger than Sophie Monk.

We have precisely zero problem with this.

Channel Ten says Apollo is, “an old soul,” and he’s looking for a woman who he can share his passion for philanthropy with. He is also described as, “romantic, entertaining and makes the most of life.”

In the promo, he does some trick with a rose and we don’t completely get it, but Sophie looks pleased.

Along with Apollo, we also meet Jarrod, a 31-year-old vineyard manager from Victoria.

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His gimmick upon meeting Sophie is suggesting they make wine together, and he brings a massive barrel which seems highly impractical given she’s in a ballgown with heels on.

Sophie laughs that wine is her “hobby and passion”. As in… drinking wine. She has of course no interest in making it. Because that’s boring.

Jarrod is described as the “full package”, and Channel Ten characterises him as, “compassionate, thoughtful and family-orientated, he is ready to settle down and start the next chapter of his life with that special someone.”

Will that special someone be Sophie?

There are only a few more weeks before Australia goes into hibernation to watch Sophie Monk fall in love.


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