LOVE IS DEAD: Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy have maybe, probably broken up.

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone but kind of does because we’re those people that believe in true love etc, Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy have maybe, probably broken up.

Surely not. SURELY NOT. But also, surely.

The couple, who became official when 44-year-old Laundy beat out Jarrod ‘Who Pissed in my Pot Plant’ Woodgate to win 37-year-old Monk’s heart on 2017’s The Bachelorette, have reportedly bailed on their reality TV romance.

And just before Valentine’s Day. Really?

A source close to the pair has confirmed the ~devastating~ news, saying their six-month relationship has “naturally run its course”.

“They’re really good friends. But it’s not going to go any further,” the source told Daily Mail on Thursday.

“Travel and distance became factors, but there is no bad blood between them. ‘They gave it a good six months but sadly, it’s naturally run its course.”

Yes, we must note neither Monk or Laundy have confirmed the split, but we can’t say we’re not erring on the side of believing this source.

Because sorry, but did we not say she SHOULD’VE PICKED A NORMAL GUY? And also, it’s been precisely six months since The Bachelorette wrapped up.


While we wait to hear the news from either Monk or Laundy themselves, we’re just going to start mentally preparing ourselves for the worst. Or best, depending how you’re looking at things.

Mamamia reached out to Sophie Monk through her representatives for comment.

You can listen out for clues this was coming all along on Mia Freedman’s interview with Sophie Monk on No Filter…