The secret ways Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy saw each other since filming ended.

As the Bachie rules dictate, immediately after confessing their love for each other, the successful couple must then be separated, unable to see each other and essentially pretend they’re not in a relationship for months until their finale screens on the television.

It’s a covert (and decidedly un-romantic) operation with security levels that surely rival an MI5 operation.

But, the contestants do find some sneaky ways to see each other during that time – with Channel 10’s approval, of course.

Image: Channel 10

Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy said they'd been able to see each other just twice since the finale was filmed two months ago.

"We’ve only seen each other a couple of times, that’s it. And that’s hard for two adults, it feels like you’re in high school," Monk told news.com.au

 "We were taken in separate cars to random butt-f*** places, to be honest. We’d hang out for two or three days but you can’t leave the house, so it’s a bit stir crazy."

Seeing each other comes with the serious risk of spoiling the entire season should someone see or photograph them together.

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It's the pay-off Matty J and Laura of last season's The Bachelor found particularly frustrating, with paparazzi waiting to catch them out on their four rendezvous between filming and screening.


"I think Laura copped it so much worse than me. There were times we were sneaky, and they were parked outside our house, but for me, I was kind of left alone," Matty told Cosmopolitan.

"It was frustrating because even with that weekend we had away, there was no photo of us together, but people were still framing it, and we were like, 'Stop digging so hard to try and find the result'.

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"There were so many precautions put into place, and they didn’t have evidence, but they had to put together the story anyway, to try and prove that they were right," added Laura.

Given the little time Monk and Laundy have spent together, marriage is still a while off. There's also the small matter that the publican is, ahem, still married to his ex-wife of 14 years, Rachel.

Either way, Monk told news.com.au she was "glad" he didn't propose in the finale.

"That would have freaked me out! You’ve got to remember you haven’t slept with anyone at that point, so to propose ... that’s why when I watched Blake (Garvey propose to Sam Frost) I was like, ‘how can you do that without having sex?" she said.