Jan confronted Sophie Monk with an article about her breakup with Stu. This is what she said.

Australia, we’d like you to meet Jan.

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Jan. Image via Instagram.

Jan's never watched an episode of The Bachelorette but when she saw Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy together on Saturday, she just had to say something.

You see, social media was rife with rumours that the Bachelorette couple had already split up. After a few awkward interviews together, a total lack of a winner video, and Kate Langbroek declaring that Sophie "hates" Stu on Instagram, Australia was convinced that Soph and Stu were no more.

But according to Jan, that's not the case at all.

Monk posted a video to Instagram on Saturday of a very passionate Jan debunking the rumours.

She's not happy (Jan) and she has a very important message for Australia.

At least Jan has our back ????. @stulaundy44 @anniecipressi #janpark

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“Sophie,” Jan begins in the video. “You’re Sophie Monk.”

Then Jan explains that she's never watched an episode of The Bachelorette but her friend told her who Sophie was and she just had to say something.

“I just read on my Facebook that it says that you and Stu are not together any more, and I’d like to verify that you are. I’ve seen the way you’re behaving."

At this point Stu interjects, saying, "Is it inappropriate, is that what you’re saying?"

To which Jan replies, “No, I think it’s inappropriate what they’re saying".

“Good on ya,” Jan says at the end of the video. “Go for it."

So there you have it. Sophie and Stu are possibly still together and Jan should definitely have her own TV show.

HOWEVER. We would like to note that although Sophie and Stu were spending time together, they didn't outwardly refute the claim they were broken up.

This is definitely us looking into the situation far too much, but whatever, the point is:

Jan for Prime Minister pls.

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