Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy re-emerge on Instagram with a hilarious dance off.

In the weeks since Sophie Monk chose Stu Laundy as her one true love on The Bachelorette, speculation the couple split has been rife.

Amid the gossip, body language readings, “sources” and analysis, there’s not a whole lot that is certain about the pair.

However, we do know one thing for sure: neither of them can dance.

Sophie Monk posted a cute “dance-off” between the pair in her Instagram stories on Thursday, asking us to determine who is the better dancer. And if we’re being honest, there really were no winners.

Listen: Can we speculate about Sophie and Stu’s relationship?

Of course, we, just like Sophie and Stu, aren’t taking their tango seriously. The hilarious video certainly got a laugh from us, along with, we’re sure, thousands of the media personality’s Instagram followers.

So what were their moves? With a dustpan acting as a prop, Stu showed off some fancy footwork, while Sophie chose to attempt a snake-like move with her belly before bouncing side to side.

You’ve got to give them props for being creative.