Sophie Monk takes down Lara Bingle in a rather personal way.

It’s kinda funny and kinda cringe worthy.

Remember the Australian Tourism ad from 2006? When Lara Bingle signed off with a classic Australian saying, “So, where the bloody hell are you?”.

And remember how a lot of our overseas pals weren’t so happy about the tagline – finding it insulting and rude?

This ad: (Post continues after the video…)

It was one of Australia’s most controversial campaigns, receiving negative media coverage in a lot of countries and different markets. And poor Bingle will never shake the image of being a blonde bimbo on a white beach saying one of the most controversial phrases in Australian Tourism history.

But just in case she was starting to erase it from her memory, Sophie Monk has made sure she refreshes everyone else’s. Monk has starred in an ad of her own – spoofing the Bingle blunder.

The 35-year-old appeared in an ad promoting The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited‘s PS4 and Xbox One release. The ad went a little something like this. (Post continues after the video…)

A medievil Monk takes us through the land of Tamriel – a ‘beautifully’ archaic and blood splattered place. It’s a spoof tourism ad for the land on the game show, and then she ends it with the ever iconic line, “So, where the bloody hell are you?”

It’s kinda cringe-worthy because Monk used to date Bingle’s partner Sam Worthington (who she’s just had a baby with).

But hey, we guess the tourism ad is what shot Bingle to fame, so maybe Monk is hoping her spoof will have the same result. We’re not so sure though.

What do you think about the spoof ad?

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