Er, so Sophie Monk and Shane Warne may have actually hooked up.

In news that is seeing two worlds collide, former Bachelorette Sophie Monk just accidentally revealed she and ex-cricketer Shane Warne once added each other to their respective lists of famous hook-ups.

Sophie, 38, made the slip of the tongue while on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa radio show to promote the upcoming series of Love Island, which she’s hosting.

Video by Channel 9

“Has (Warne) got in contact with you, has he asked you out on a date before?” Fitzy asked.

“Yeah I love Warnie, he’s cool… We’ve hung out a few times — with pants on, if that’s what you’re asking,” she replied.

Not satisfied with this answer, Fitzy pushed further. And that’s when things got interesting.

“Any advances? Have you kissed Warnie?” he asked.

In classic Sophie style, her reply wasn’t exactly subtle.

“Uhhh… ummmm…”

Yep. Fitzy and Wippa almost immediately roared with laughter, and Sophie promptly clarified.

“But just a cheeky… Nothing serious,” she insisted.

And that, folks, is where the details sadly end. Monk wouldn’t spill any further detail into when, where, how, or why in god’s name this all went down.

To be continued? (We hope so.)