EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk confirms she is filming her own reality show.

Presenter, singer and national treasure Sophie Monk has confirmed she is currently filming her own reality television series.

Speaking to Mamamia exclusively, Monk says the series is “filmed all over the world” and is set to document the day-to-day realities of her life.

“If I’m going to work all year I might as well film all the drama behind the scenes of it,” she says.

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Currently filming her pilot episode with Matchbox Production, Monk says “it’s almost, like, I live like if I’m a celebrity one day it will all go away; that’s kind of the vibe of it… and filming the craziness of the industry.”

And while the series is yet to be picked up by a network, the radio host says one group she’s set on featuring heavily is her family.

“The characters in my family are hilarious,” she says.

“My little sister is like my babysitter, she’s always calling me saying, ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’, and my dad’s hilarious, he’s oblivious and doesn’t even know I’m on TV. And he loves the camera, he’ll do anything.” (Post continues after gallery.)

Returning to reality television shouldn’t be hard for the star, who first got her big break 17 years ago on Popstars and returned to the reality television sphere in 2015 when she took out the top spot on Celebrity Apprentice

“People want honest and real,” she says about what she’s trying to create in her own show.

“They can see through the bullshit. It’s [reality television] getting more real and vulnerable.”

At the time of publishing the show does not have a name or network, but please dear television network Gods, on all that is holy, please make this happen.