"I've never felt this uncomfortable in my life." Sophie Monk fools waiter in epic prank.

If there’s one thing we learned about Sophie Monk during her time as The Bachelorette, it’s that she’s perhaps the country’s most relatable, most down to Earth celeb.

Which is why it’s so hilarious to watch her being forced to put on the diva antics while dining at a crowded restaurant.

The 37-year-old was dared by the Kyle and Jackie O show to wear an earpiece and follow every single one of Jackie’s instructions.

That included “doing a twirl” before taking her seat at a table and snapping selfies of herself as soon as she was seated.

sophie monk prank selfies
Sophie took selfies of herself in front of the entire, crowded restaurant. Image via Twitter.

She was then forced to ask her waiter - who Sophie later described as "the nicest guy in the world" - whether he thought she was prettier in real life, or on television.


Things got more awkward when Sophie was forced to ask whether her waiter had ever Googled her name.

Before her unsuspecting waiter could finish his answer of "not really", Sophie had whipped out her phone and was showing off the search results.

"Look, I'll show you... 'Sophie Monk hot'... 'Sophie Monk feet'," she said, barely containing a fit of giggles.

Things got even more awkward when Sophie stood on her chair to take a photo of her plate, ordering a whole bottle of wine to herself ("Mummy loves her Jesus juice.") and telling her waiter she knew he was flirting with her because "I was the Bachelorette, so I know chemistry".

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She even had to ask the waiter to stop a baby from crying in the restaurant... even though it wasn't making a sound.

The video of Sophie's prank has been viewed more than 280,000 times on Facebook, with many fans saying it cemented why the country loves her so much.

"I was literally crying with laughter watching this," one fan wrote.

"You are SO Australia's sweetheart Soph!"

Others praised her - and the unsuspecting waiter - for being such good sports.

Sophie later shared on Twitter that she had "never felt this uncomfortable" in her entire life.

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