Sophie Monk on fame: "I wouldn’t be surprised if I had post traumatic stress disorder."

Sophie Monk, ready for fashion week. Image via Instagram.

Sophie Monk’s debut appearance on the 2000 reality TV series, Popstars, caused girl-crushes (and man-crushes) aplenty.

She was the sweet, blonde Marilyn Monroe impersonator who won a place in the show’s all-girl band, Bardot. But, behind her cheerful façade, Monk was hiding something.

The 35-year-old has made the surprising admission she struggled with her newfound fame, and believes she may have “post traumatic stress syndrome”.

The cover of Bardot's debut single, "Poison". From left: Belinda Chapple, Tiffani Wood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk and Katie Underwood.

“I think being famous overnight, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had post traumatic stress disorder,” Monk told the Herald-Sun. “It’s just not normal for everyone to know you all of the sudden.”

“It was so crazy, people used to pull my hair out,” she recalls. “I remember being in Singapore and they had to shut the escalators and give us police escorts, it was a bit like Michael Jackson.”

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In an extreme example, Sophie was stalked by a fan who became obsessed with her through Popstars. Dating back to 2010, he sent Sophie relentless sexual and violent messages on social media, and said he wanted to kill her. Earlier this month, he was sentenced. (Post continues after gallery...)

According to Beyond Blue, post traumatic stress syndrome, or PTSD, is “a particular set of reactions that can develop in people who have been through a traumatic event”. These reactions can include feelings of extreme panic or fear, a constant re-living of the traumatic events, and losing sleep.

Sophie also discussed her relationship with the other women on Popstars, who were all auditioning for a coveted spot in the final band.

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“It was worse than high school because the girls were smarter,” she said.

“They were a bit older than me too. I’m sure they were messing around, but I was so innocent back then,” she reflects.

Monk then used her characteristic down-to-earth humour to make light of her experience, saying, “I do miss those days now I guess, now no one gives a shit!”.

It’s easy to be jealous or even dismissive of a celebrity like Sophie Monk, whose audition with Popstars would later lead to acting roles in Hollywood, magazine covers, sponsorship deals, celebrity boyfriends and a radio hosting gig with the Southern Cross Austereo Network.

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Her recent comments on the dark side to fame show us just how relatable and, well, human she is. It takes strength to admit to feelings of vulnerability and fear, and we’re thankful Monk shared her story, as it goes to show our hardest moments can be overcome.


Here’s hoping Monk can continue to rock her glam girl-next-door attitude without trauma in the future.

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