Sophie Monk tried to send a clue as to who wins The Bachelorette. It backfired.

Yesterday, as she was making her way home from a holiday in Thailand, a curious thing happened on Sophie Monk’s Instagram account.

An Instagram story, where the singer made her way across an airport’s tarmac, zoomed in on her feet as she walked towards the plane, a couple of pink ugg boots on either foot.

She joked about being some kind of bogan-VIP, the Instagram story ended and we got on we our lives.

Just kidding. We began to analyse.

It went like so: Didn’t Jarrod once give Sophie some pink ugg boots? Is Sophie wearing the same ones? Does this mean… does this mean… Jarrod WINS?

You never wear things that you ex gave you, right? That’s just not a thing that people do.

Jarrod GIVING Sophie pink ugg boots.
Sophie WEARING pink ugg boots.

The internet went into a mild frenzy, because the internet doesn't have hobbies and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Surely she's not that silly? Surely she knows it's obvious?

It's obvious.

Of course!

Sophie Monk knew we would see the boots. She knows we would remember Jarrod gave them to her. She knows how we would take that information and run with it.

She knowssssssssssssssss we're suckers for clues. She's trying to throw us off the scent by pumping up the (very very distant) second favourite's chances.

If anything, we now know that Jarrod will make the final two but not win. So, really, this is a spoiler that has backfired epically.

Jarrod doesn't win. Of course he doesn't win. In fact, the ugg boot fiasco makes it more obvious that Stu has this locked and loaded, because if the winner was Jarrod, she'd be more careful with what she does and what she wears.

Series solved, thanks very much.

Of course, Sophie COULD just be living her life being a total boss, and happens to like pink ugg boots.

You reckon we're over-analysing this?