Sophie Monk just broke down in tears about the reaction to James being sent home.

Last night, hearts broke in loungerooms when fan favourite James was not given a rose by Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette:

YES Soph!! ❤️???????? #bacheloretteau

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Group Bachelorette chats went on fire, Twitter descended into chaos, and people were left wondering: WHO THE HELL DOES SHE CHOOSE?

During our own selfish desires to carefully select “the one” for a woman we don’t know, it appears most people have forgotten one teensy-tiny detail.

Sophie Monk exists.

Yes, people, she may appear to be a somewhat fictional character in a highly-edited TV show, but she is consuming every single piece of content that is posted about her quest for love.

Even the user, @daboiz9728 who has an egg for their Twitter profile is being listened to.

Speaking on Kyle and Jackie O, Monk quickly became emotional when talking about last night’s episode.

“I can’t even tell you I am so upset,” she starts before breaking down.

“I can’t read it [the social media posts]. We can only delete a certain amount…I don’t think people realise that I can’t choose everyone. I can only choose one person.

“I can’t make everyone happy. I’ve got to make me happy.”

Listen to the latest episode of Bach Chat, where we break down all the feelings. (Post continues after audio.)


When asked if this experience was different to what she thought, Sophie completely agreed.

“You have to try and keep an audience happy but you happy as well. And, I understand what they said. He [James] came off amazing, but you’ve got to remember there’s a lot cut out. I need a little bit of crazy, I need quirky.

“I am so sensitive and I can’t keep everyone happy.”

Despite often making headlines for less than desirable reasons, Kyle delivered the truth we all need to hear.

“Hang on, you don’t need to make excuses for anything,” the co-host said.

“Just because someone watching thinks, ‘I like that guy’…that’s for them, not for you. You need the little magic tingle in the pants. The flutter of the heart. Don’t you worry about that.”

Sure, James may have captured your heart on The Bachelorette. That’s great because it also means HE’S SINGLE.

Go out and find him.

But, what Sophie decides what to do with her life doesn’t deserve our damnation.