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1. Jackie O and Sophie Monk have shared the names of celebrities who’ve blocked them on Instagram.

Between Jackie O Henderson and Sophie Monk, the two media personalities share around 715,000 Instagram followers, however, there are (apparently) a fair few Insta-people of note who have silently unfollowed and even blocked the pair.

Sharing a few names on the KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O show, Monk, 39, filled in for Kyle Sandilands, and appropriately delivered the goss.

Surprisingly, one of them was former The Bachelorette, and Home and Away star, Sam Frost, who has blocked Henderson, 44, despite the fact that the pair used to follow each other.

Despite this, the radio host couldn’t pinpoint the origin of their fall out.


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“I was sitting down with Jackie and I went ‘oh my god’, you’ve got to see this Instagram post, it’s hilarious, look up this person,'” said Monk.

“Anyway she looks up this person and goes, ‘oh no, I’m blocked’. Then I go, look at Gabi Grecko [the wife of medical entrepreneur, Geoffrey Edelsten],’ anyway she looked it up and goes ‘oh I’m blocked too, I don’t know what we must have said on the show.'”

In turn, Henderson jokingly blamed the source of the Insta-hate on Sandilands, her co-host, and yeah… that probably adds up.


“Kyle doesn’t have an Instagram and so I feel like if he ever says anything I get the fall out from it… What have I done to Gabi Grecko ever?” joked Henderson.


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A Fuckin whole ass independent bitch Elemental ☢️☢️☢️☢️????

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Although the Love Island host didn’t name names, Monk did admit she was disappointed to discover that a few celebrities and fashion designers had unfollowed her during a recent Instagram check.

“Most of them have unfollowed me. It really hurts your feelings, because you ask yourself ‘what am I doing wrong?’ because my content is good,” she said.

And to be honest, we have to agree, just look at this piece of premium content:


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Some things to try for Father’s Day tomorrow. ????HAPPY FATHERS DAY EVERYONE ????#MRMONK

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2. The internet is obsessed with Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello and their “fish kiss”.

Watching two strangers have a full-on pash is rarely a comfortable event. (OK. Sure. Some people may enjoy it in certain, erm, contexts, but we’ll tell you about that when you’re older).

So when singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes shared a video to Instagram this week in which they are slapping saliva in and around each other’s mouths, their followers responded with a collective gag.

Watch below, and experience the can’t-look-away-but-really-really-want-to sensation for yourself:


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“I hate you both,” one former fan/voice of the people commented on the post.

“I think this video got me pregnant,” added influencer, Nikita Dragun.

Look, some people enjoyed it. Cue Justin Bieber: “U guys are f***in weird. And I like it.”

Of course, the video was a joke. As the couple (who are definitely, maybe, not in a fake relationship to sell their joint single Sinorita) explained in the clip: “We saw on Twitter and stuff you guys basically saying stuff about our kissing and how it’s weird, like kissing fish’. And we just want to show you how we really kiss.”

In other words, they inflicted that sloppy mess upon us knowingly. Yep.

*Unfollows. Unsubscribes. Deletes playlist.*

3. Meghan Markle is back at work following Archie’s birth.

Despite having only given birth to four-month-old Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor Meghan Markle has re-entered the public eye, attending a community initiative with Smart Works.

The Duchess helped launch a “Smart Set” charity clothing collaboration with a number of UK retailers including Jigsaw, John Lewis, Marks and Spencers and Misha Nonoo, as part of the collaboration, every item purchased from the range will also see another piece donated to Smart Works, which trains and dresses unemployed women for interviews.

“As women, it is 100 per cent our responsibility, I think, to support and uplift each other,” said the 38-year-old.

“To champion each other so we aim to succeed, to not set each other up for failure, but instead to really be there rallying around each other and say ‘I want to help you’.

“And you may not ever meet that person, but you know when you put on that blazer or that shirt, or you carry that tote or put on those trousers and that dress, that some other woman on the other side of this country is wearing that piece because you made that purchase.”

Meghan Markle
The Duchess' shirt and trousers were both from Jigsaw. Image: Getty.

This marks Meghan's first official engagement since giving birth, and she wore a shirt and black trousers from Jigsaw, and a pair of butterfly earrings which belonged to Princess Diana.

The “Smart Set” will be available for two weeks, starting today, and according to the @sussexroyal Instagram, the collection aims to sell "enough units to give Smart Works the essentials they need to help dress clients for the coming year".


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Last month, The Duchess of Sussex surprised Smart Works clients during the capsule collection shoot in west London...Today, The Duchess, alongside @SmartWorksCharity - in partnership with @InsideJigsaw, @JohnLewisandPartners, @MarksandSpencer and @MishaNonoo - are incredibly proud to reveal to everyone, #TheSmartSet - a five piece capsule collection that will equip the Smart Works clients with the classic wardrobe pieces to help them feel confident as they mobilise back into the work space. • “Since moving to the UK, it has been deeply important to me to meet with communities and organisations on the ground doing meaningful work and to try to do whatever I can to help them amplify their impact. It was just last September that we launched the ‘Together’ cookbook with the women of the Hubb Kitchen in Grenfell. Today, a year later, I am excited to celebrate the launch of another initiative of women supporting women, and communities working together for the greater good. Thank you to the four brands who came together in supporting Smart Works on this special project - placing purpose over profit and community over competition. In convening several companies rather than one, we’ve demonstrated how we can work collectively to empower each other - another layer to this communal success story, that I am so proud to be a part of” - The Duchess of Sussex The collection – which features a shirt, trousers, blazer, dress and tote bag – will be on sale for two weeks starting today, with the objective of selling enough units to give Smart Works the essentials they need to help dress clients for the coming year! For every item bought during the sale of the collection, one will be donated to Smart Works, this 1:1 model allows customers to directly support the Smart Works women by playing a part in their success story - how they look and more importantly, how they feel. Photo © @JennyZarins

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4. Ok, so now people think Angelina Jolie is using her son Maddox against Brad Pitt.

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Just as Brad Pitt is telling his redemption story, there are those who claim Angelina Jolie is trying to tear him down. And 'they' — conveniently anonymous sources — are suggesting she'll even go as far as to use their children as arsenal.

Why? Because Maddox, the eldest of the separated couple's six children, gave vague statements about his relationships with the Ad Astra star during a recent doorstop interview.

A reporter for tabloid news agency, Coleman-Rayner, tracked down the 18-year-old on-campus at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, where he has recently started first-year studies.

Asked if Pitt would come to visit him, Maddox replied, “Um, I don’t know about that… what’s happening [with that].” Pressed about whether their relationship was over, he said, "Whatever happens, happens."

Sounds reflective, level-headed. But if you ask the 'insider' who spoke to Page Six, it's all part of a carefully engineered conspiracy by his mum. “Maddox seemed prepared for the interview,” the overly dramatic person source said. “He wasn’t trying to fend off the interviewer — so people in the industry think maybe it’s an effort by Jolie’s camp to stir things up, even though things have been relatively calm.”

Maddox was reportedly involved in the highly reported 2016 airplane incident, in which it's believed a drunken Pitt caused an altercation that was the tipping point for Angelina Jolie's decision to end their seven-year relationship.


5. "I was pretty shocked." The Bachelor's Emma on being this season's 'stage five clinger'.

In this season of The Bachelor, Emma Roche has been put in the very unlucky box labelled ‘clinger’.

It’s a trope as common on the reality TV show as the ‘villain’ and ‘wifey’ edit, and it usually leads to some pretty unnecessary social media bullying (You only have to cast your mind back to the horrible comments directed towards last year’s designated ‘clinger’ Cass Wood for proof).

It’s an uncomfortable portrayal, no doubt down to some crafty editing, but speaking to Mamamia after bachie Matt sent her packing on last night’s episode, Emma said she decided to just embrace it.

“Oh, I just have to own it don’t I?” she laughed. “Look, it’s not ideal to be labelled as a clinger but they have to paint it on someone every season, don’t they, and this year it was me. It is what it is and I just have to accept it and ride the wave.

“Initially I was pretty shocked, but I just need to accept it for what it is and laugh along.”

You can read our earlier interview with the Bach star here.