Sophie Monk finally shares exactly what was on her neck during her date with Stu.

Well, here’s a weird one.

Some very dedicated eagle-eyed Bach fans noticed something a lil’ suspicious during one episode of The Bachelorette.

There appeared to be a big ole’ hickey on Sophie Monk’s neck during one of her dates with Stu Laundy.

The mark was dark and round and had all the tell-tale signs of a big, fat hickey.

sophie monk hickey
The hickey in question. Image via TEN.

Except... it wasn't a bloody hickey.

Because Sophie Monk is a grown ass woman, not a 14-year-old girl with her first crush.

Speaking to New Weekly about #hickeygate, Monk said what we all believe deep down inside ourselves - no one should be walking around with a hickey unless they're a lust lorn teenager.

“I don’t think anyone gets a hickey if they’re over 14,” she said.

“You know what that was? Bad fake tan.”

We hear you, Soph.

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