Sophie Monk said she was able to spot the Bachelor fakes ‘straight away'.

Tonight, Sophie Monk made her highly anticipated Bachelorette debut, and Australia loved it more than they love a good sausage sizzle at Bunnings.

But just moments before the first episode of her season went to air, Monk appeared on The Project, telling the panel that she was “wetting her pants” as she waited to meet her 18 prospective partners.

“I was so scared the first night,” she told the show.

“I was standing there going, ‘What am I doing to my life?’ but after that it was awesome.

“I was honestly so nervous going in, because there’s massive risk for me but it was great, it was amazing. Everything worked out.”

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But despite her nerves, the 37-year-old (who said her new ‘glow’ was part-love, part spray tan) said she was able to spot the guys appearing on the show for the purposes of fame almost straight away.

“Was there anyone you saw straight away and went, ‘You’re a dickhead’?” comedian Peter Helliar asked.

“Yep, absolutely,” Sophie responded.

sophie monk the project
Sophie knew some guys weren't for her straight away. Image via Channel 10.

"A couple. There was one guy I [saw] and went, 'Yeah, I'm in love'. And then I realised he was the biggest douche I'd ever met."

She also admitted that dating regular, Aussie blokes was a "way better" experience than the famous faces - including Sam Worthington, Jason Statham and Benji Madden - she has been linked to in the past.

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Monk - who has already sent two unlucky lads packing - also revealed that producers were forced to 'teach' her how to flirt on her dates.

"I was so crap for the first half, and then I nailed it at the end," she said.

"They taught me how to flirt halfway through, [they said], 'You are so shit at flirting, this is how you do it'.

Sophie Monk Bachelorette rose
Our newest Bachelorette said she had to be 'taught' how to flirt by producers. Image via Channel 10.

"[It's about] looking people in the eye, it's touching, it's everything I am awkward about. By the end I was like, 'I'm killing it'."

You can be sure we'll be watching with pen and paper in hand to pick up more of Sophie's flirting tips over the weeks.


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